Affordable Website Marketing Plans and Strategies

Possibly one of the biggest mistakes Website owners make is to invest the majority of their budget into the development of their Website while leaving only a small percentage of the budget to actually market the site. Does this make any sense? When developing your e-commerce business plan remember to include reasonable marketing requirements within your budget. The type and scale of marketing required is relative to your type of business. If your business is seasonal then your marketing might be different than if you operate a year round business. If your product is orientated around teens then your marketing requirements will certainly be different than if you are selling pharmaceutical products.

Considerations for Your Website Marketing Plan

Internet marketing costs for small businesses could range from $2000 to $10,000. Medium sized businesses are easily investing $25,000 or more per year. While there is no rule of thumb or magic formula to calculate how much you should spend on Internet marketing it is important to realize that some forms of marketing are more effective than others. And it is very important to set achievable goals to be reached through your marketing plan.

Below are several questions that could help decide how and where to divide your advertising budget.

  1. Who is your targeted customer?
    Are you targeting teens, doctors, parents, wives or husbands? This will help you determine which type of Websites to direct your advertising at.

  2. What are your goals?
    Do you want to Increase sales, increase brand awareness, or develop email contacts? Knowing your goals could help in your keyword phrase analysis, landing page development and specific type of marketing.

  3. Is your business seasonal or year-round?
    If you are a seasonal business you may want to focus more of your budget on pay-per-click and behavioral targeted advertising over search engine optimization. If you are year round then search engine optimization should be a a priority.

Below are several effective Website marketing methods. When developing a marketing campaign one or many of these methods could be considered.

A. Pay-Per-Click Programs - this form of direct marketing displays your ad in the major search engines as a sponsored link. This is an alternative solution if you are not ranked on the first page of the organic search listings. Pay-per-click is relatively easy to implement allowing Internet savvy web site owners to instantly create their own campaigns and closely manage their budgets. Depending on the competitiveness of your keyword phrases you could launch a pay-per-click campaign for around 100.00$ per month.

  1. Google AdWords
  2. Overture
  3. MSN is Coming Soon

B. Search Engine Optimization (SEO) - search engine optimization is a very rewarding but long-term strategy that could take six to eight months before producing any measurable results. Implementing best practice SEO requires unique skill set and plenty of patience. A professional SEO campaign could give you great returns on your investment so expect to pay no less than 1000.00$ for even a basic SEO campaign. And always ask for references or samples.

C. Behavioral Targeting -investigate Internet user behaviors and Internet patterns over short periods of time or over years. Behavioral targeting allows you to manipulate the consumers behavior by providing advertisements based on past behavior patterns.

D. Shopping Engines - shopping engines are search engines that produce products in the search results. Shopping engines allow businesses to reach customers who are searching for specific products. Below are a few of the most popular shopping engines. Most shopping engines charge on a pay per click or a monthly fee basis.