Biobrite Sunrise Alarm Clock with Simulated Sunrise

Biobrite Sunrise Alarm ClockI’ve never been a morning person but since I started using the Biobrite Sunrise Alarm Clock it has been a big help too me. It makes me feel refreshed when I wake up in the morning rahher than my typicalmood of waking up feeling very grumpy and moody.

I like being able to set a clock to fit your moods, whether you set it for dawn or dusk, it gives you a option and it comes with different cycles and which one you pick it’s your choice. For instance, you may want to set it to 15 minutes or 90 minutes its up to you. And I can adjust it to whatever mode I want, whether I want it to be dimmer or brighter in the morning is totally up to me.

You can get the Biobrite at Amazon for $144. That’s one of the lowest prices you’ll discover from any retailer and a small price to pay to improve your quality of sleep.

I like the displays and the fact that when I’m trying to fall asleep the light doesn’t disturb me and it simply dims itself allowing my body time to relax itself and sleep more peacefully. The white noise feature really does its job and I have no trouble falling to sleep and it drowns out any unwanted sounds through the night, like snoring or loud chirping sounds throughout the night. It’s definitely works for me because I don’t like being in a room that’s too bright neither too dim. There’s nothing better than waking up to a beautiful sunlight simulated sunrise. Meaning, if you’re used to waking up grumpy this will definitely work for you and help ease your mind.

Other reasons to like this clock is the fact that the older alarm clocks make loud annoying noises in the morning, sometimes it’s hard to roll over and turn off the alarm, but if you buy one of these clocks you don’t have to worry about disturbing loud noises that can drive you mad. This clocks wakes me up and I feel totally renewed in the mornings with no annoying sounds and I slowly wake up feeling at ease. Buying this clock was one of the best choices I ever made to improve my sleep.

I’m more relaxed than I ever been thanks to Biobrite.

You can find the best price and selection on the Biobrite at

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